Our story

We were established in 2018 and our factory is in Akyazı, Sakarya. We supply wooden products in all sizes and with high stock capacity, as well as special size products. Our businesses are run and managed by experienced and dedicated people.

Our Vision

Providing added value to customers, shareholders and employees, reaching large masses with its products and services, being aware of its social responsibility, loyal to its values, reliability, quality management, widespread service network, leadership in product diversity, expert staff and customer-oriented service approach that comes first to mind and is preferred. to be a national SUPPLIER AND MANUFACTURER.

Our Mission

To ensure sustainable profitability by working efficiently, effectively and with a high sense of responsibility, respecting the society and the environment. To reach maximum customer satisfaction by offering reliable, high quality products and services in a professional team work with our dynamic human resources that constantly improve themselves.

Our Quality Policy

  • With the awareness of our sector, using all kinds of technology in today’s conditions, to realize the works we undertake on time and in accordance with their projects.
  • To comply with the laws and regulations that we are responsible for our activities without compromise
  • To keep the satisfaction at the highest level.
  • Being aware that the trust we provide in the institutions we do with our business is a big capital and to increase this capital day by day.
  • To adopt all our employees as a fundamental duty not to take the necessary information and training to the health and safety of themselves, other employees and the threat.
  • To systematically place risk assessments regarding potential dangerous situations and behaviors in all our activities to prevent progress.
  • In all of our activities, to find our recyclable wastes, to reduce the use of other natural resources, to take the necessary measures to prevent pollution from harmful wastes to the environment, adversely affect living life, and not pollute the environment.
  • Ensuring ordering without compromising the standards of Quality, OHS & Environmental Management Systems.